Introducing/unveiling our new BITCOIN payment gateway

Buy your pets supplies with bitcoins !

Shopping for products for your favorite pet friend can be a lot easier, right?
Through the years, Wadosam has consistently put the needs of our dear customers ahead.

We continue to provide exquisite and trendy pet furniture, play items for your cat and dog pets, and pet products that support the well being and happiness of your furry friends.

Wadosam is committed to giving you the best of pet products and services, and from our customer’s review of our products, you can already tell that we are just as concerned about your pets as you are.

A Modern Payment Gateway- With You In Mind

We thought of how to provide better ease of payment for your pet needs, and our new addition is the Bitcoin Payment Gateway.

We are just as excited to announce that we are starting with “” for now, as we intend to accept BTC directly from our customer’s wallet in the nearest future.

Sounds great, right?

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and a decentralized digital currency that can be sent from one user to another using the peer-to-peer Bitcoin blockchain network.

Similarly, Bitcoin is a form of electronic payment, used to send and receive money without depending on any bank.

Bitcoin, which emerged in 2008, has become a widespread currency, and mega businesses like PayPal, Microsoft, REEDS jewelry, etc have accepted it as a valid means of exchange.

Benefits Of Paying For Pet Products On Wadosam, Using Bitcoin

Bitcoin is sometimes known as the latest kid on the legal tender block, despite its launch in 2008 and its ease of use is one of the reasons why lots of businesses continue to use it as a payment gateway.

Highlighted below are more benefits of Bitcoin as a means of payment:

  • 1. Peer-to-Peer
    The Bitcoin payment system is, by far, one of the safest means of exchange, and it is most likely faster than your bank. It allows you to send and receive payments from anyone on the Bitcoin network without the need for external validation from the government or a banking institution.
  • 2. Minimal Transaction Fees Forward International Payments
    When paying for pet furniture or even dog and cat products, Bitcoin charges very-low transaction fees on international payments compared to standard wire transfers. Hence, you can buy some more products for your dog; since you would not have to spend the excess charges when paying via Bitcoin.
  • 3. Freedom Of Choice
    Here you are selecting toys and other pet products for your cat. With the Bitcoin Payment Gateway, you can take your time to choose as many products as you please because you are confident that there’ll be no delay or hitch in payment.
  • 4. Mobile Payment
    Many online payment systems will demand your credit card details and other personal information before you can initiate a payment, but it’s not so when paying with BTC. In fact, provided you have internet access, you can pay for your pet furniture with BTC, without revealing your personal information.
  • 5. Discretion
    Just as in the movies, where sometimes, “viewers discretion is advised:” your purchases via Bitcoin are more discrete compared to the traditional payment method. Your transactions are less likely to be linked to your personal identity, and that’s an added advantage.

Steps To Take When Paying With Bitcoin (

Whether you are shopping using a PC or even a mobile device, “” makes it easy to pay online, and here are the steps to take:

  • Step 1
    Sign up on “” to get a wallet address- that is peculiar to you. Next, you can download the app on your PC or mobile device for convenience.
  • Step 2
    After selecting the pet furniture or dog products, choose “” as your payment method.
  • Step 3
    Agree to the terms and conditions, as well as the Website Terms of Use. Then click on “ Pay” to proceed to checkout.
  • Step 4
    A pop-up page with a deposit address and its QR code will emerge. So, open your app and click on the “Pay” icon, which you will find on the dashboard. (You can also decide to copy the deposit address and send a direct payment from the app)
  • Step 5
    Click “Scan” and proceed to scan the QR code. Select a cryptocurrency before clicking “continue to review.”After reviewing the payment, click “Confirm” to complete your transaction.

Very Easy!


Are you tired of payment delays and extra charges on purchases?

Bitcoin is a safe, secure, and effective method of payment, and it’s now available here on Wadosam.
Now you can shop for pet furniture with Bitcoin, you can buy varieties of pet products for your dog and cat pets, all from the comfort of your home.

Here at Wadosam, we are committed to the long journey of giving you value for your money, and the addition of BTC to our payment gateway is one of our ways of helping you have a convenient method of payment.

You asked; we answered, and now, we look forward to your seamless transactions on our online store via our latest payment gateway-BITCOIN.

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