How Dental Care is important for our dogs and cats?

Dental care is just as vital for our pets as it is for us. Regular care ensures that dental problems do not develop further and prevents stressful and expensive treatments from the vet. Dental problems are usually caused by a lack of regular dental care and giving the wrong diet. Dry kibbles do not stick to the teeth but stimulate mechanical cleaning when they are ground.

Dental hygiene for dogs and cats:

Pets dental care spray85% of dogs (especially in small breeds) over the age of three have tartar. Cats can also suffer from this. Good hygiene is necessary here. Brushing the teeth is a solution and that is easier if the animal is used to it from an early age. Other, albeit sometimes less effective but not negligible, remedies exist to keep your pet’s teeth in good condition.

For example, there are veterinarians who specialize in dental medicine for animals. It is possible today to put a crown on a dog’s tooth. This is the case, for example, with dogs whose teeth have been broken off or damaged.

For owners and according to the recommendations of animal care professionals, dental care has become just as important as any other care or treatment (cutting the claws, brushing, general inspection of parasites, care of eyes and ears, etc.).

Brushing teeth can remove 50% of the plaque on average, and that is not negligible.
When tartar and plaque occur, there is not only the risk that the dog or cat will get bad breath (halitosis). It can also cause other, more serious complications. Such as periodontal disease.

Some vets got dogs or cats on the consultation with a really disastrous condition in the mouth. That is because the owners do not know enough how important good dental hygiene is for their animal.

Not only does the dog or cat suffer, but there is also a lot of nuisance in daily life, such as when eating.


Make a dog or cat as fast as possible

dog-getting-teeth-brushedBrushing teeth is not immediately a source of pleasure. Some dogs or cats are willing but others are not at all!

The sooner the animal gets used to the treatment, without becoming nervous, without insisting too much, the sooner this care proceeds later.

In the beginning, you can safely make a game out of it, start by touching the mouth, the gums, the teeth of the puppy or kitten (without brushing them, especially if they still have baby teeth).

You can also rub the teeth and the fleece with a compress or cotton pad that you have soaked in a can of tuna.

Older dog or cat: mission impossible?

There is no fixed rule. Everything depends on the temperament of the animal, its character, the bond with the owner and the patience that the latter has. So, it is certainly possible to achieve good results with an older animal.

Check up the teeth

tartarRegularly checking the teeth together with daily dental care will help keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy. Healthy teeth should be shiny and white/cream-coloured, with no rough parts. The gums are pink and bad breath is minimal.

Unfortunately, dental plaque is a common problem. It consists of a soft layer of bacteria and sugars that accumulate from saliva and food. Dental plaque usually occurs around the gums, but can also occur in other places, especially if they are difficult to reach through the tongue. Age and aptitude for this are also determining factors for the development of plaque. Dental plaque can be removed by brushing your teeth regularly.

If plaque is not removed, it forms a hard layer: tartar. Dental plaque can develop further everywhere in tartar. Tartar cannot be polished away but must be removed by the veterinarian.


WadoSam - Pets StoreA finger brush is an alternative to a toothbrush:

This can be useful as an alternative to the toothbrush. Some owners prefer it because they find it easier to use. The vet also has other solutions to prevent tartar, plaque, bad breath, etc. These can be chewed treats, specially adapted treats or powders that you can dissolve in the drinking water.

Which method to use to properly brush your pet’s teeth:

In any case, don’t pretend (once the animal lets you). Careful rubbing is not enough, brush in circular movements and treat all teeth, not just the front teeth or molars. That would make no sense.

During a routine visit, your veterinarian can show you the best way to brush your dog’s or cat’s teeth.

The veterinary laboratories have developed toothpaste for pets with detailed instructions for use.


Brushing teeth are very difficult because animals don’t like that and they bite us. Also, teeth scaling is very expensive and dangerous for the animal because it needs General anaesthesia. Toy chew doesn’t work against bacteria and can be expensive to buy again and again toys because the dog destroys it. In addition, it doesn’t work so well. You must know that treatment can be expensive, doesn’t work wells and your animal is going to swell if we give them too much. So, here is the solution below:

Best Solution:

Dental hygiene for dogs and catsDogs and cats can, just like people, also suffer from bad breath or dental problems. That is why it is important to take good care of your dog’s or cat’s teeth to help prevent any problems or an expensive visit to the vet.

The best answer for all issues identified with pets dental care is oral sprays with damp cloth. You know why we are suggesting oral sprays as the best solution just because it handles the delayed tartar which is one of the major problems of many pet lovers.  You should also understand that like humans if dogs brush teeth they still need to go to the dentist for different reasons or for a check-up.

So, here is our honest opinion which we tell you that if you use sprays then you still need a dentist for your pet’s teeth check-up. But sprays somehow make cleaning of Your Pets’ Teeth Easy as compared to other ways.

The principle advantage of a canine dental splash is that it kills terrible breath and the underlying drivers of awful breath, therefore improving your pooch’s dental wellbeing and prosperity. Such sprays can likewise help relax and evacuate plaque and tartar, which whenever permitted to work after some time can cause tooth rot and lead to the requirement for veterinary visits and even dentistry under tasteful. Different advantages remember diminished microscopic organisms for the mouth, Less tooth rot, Cleaner teeth, Healthier gums, and Improved resistance.


All the ways to clean your pet’s teeth work clearly. So, it is not necessary for you to only adopt just one way to clean your pet’s teeth. Hence, it is good if you use different ways to make it more perfect. Also, Teeth are a very important part of your pet’s body. And It has an important function in their food and overall health. So, if their teeth face any problem it overall disturbs your pet’s health.

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