Step by step guide to setup a Rabbit Cage


Choosing a rabbit as a pet can be a perfect choice. The herbivorous animal needs appropriate setup for it’s living space. Like every other creature, rabbits also require managed home, an adequate supply of food, and a fresh and clean supply of water. Let’s learn how to make a comfortable and stress-free rabbit cage.

Set up bunny cage

Selection of Cages for temporary accommodation

The selection of rabbit cages or hutches can turn out to be ideal but only for temporary accommodation. Though cages provide an ample supply of fresh air and sunlight from all sides, rabbits always feel comfortable in privacy. An open and exposed living area can be stressful for them. Bunny cages are beneficial when they come with woody supplies and construction. Wood has excellent thermal properties towards extreme heat and cold as well as resistivity towards electricity. But a bunny can be made to live for a longer period in this cage by inserting a box or hide inside it.

Choosing a cage with the right measurements

Weight and size of rabbits vary from one another depending upon factors such as age, diet, growth, and development. The weight range from a baby rabbit (1.3 kg) to an adult one of 10 kg. Rabbits always find themselves secure in the dark and long burrows. Providing privacy in the form of two separate rooms would help rabbits in getting relief from stress. The recommended measurements for small rabbits are 150 cm × 60 cm and 185 cm × 95 cm for an adult rabbit. A younger rabbit grows into an adult one within a few months, so it is suggested to buy a cage of an adult-sized rabbit.

Cage with a solid floor

It is important to make sure that the material you have chosen for a rabbit cage is safe and health-friendly. A cage made of wires will provide freedom but there are chances that it can injure the feet of the rabbit. Furthermore, wet bedding can cause pododermatitis. Pressure sores are developed on the hind legs in pododermatitis. To avoid the situation, use dry and clean bedding in the rabbit home.

Cage with proper waste disposal management

Ensure that your bunny cage has a proper urine guard on its floor. Rabbits spray urine on the floor, so it is necessary to consider what kind of floor material is used in the cage. A floor made of cardboard will be convenient but it needs to be replaced from time to time.

Purchasing some essential supplies for rabbit home

Some supplies are necessary to buy for rabbit home. These supplies include a litter box, food, and water bowls. You need to train your rabbit on how to use the litter box. This will help to keep your cage clean and filth free. Moreover, food supplies in proper bowls will be beneficial for the rabbit to eat in a relaxed manner. The rabbit can enjoy eating without stretching their necks. The grass is the best food for rabbits, but it can also be replaced by hay. A proper and well-managed diet can prevent your rabbit from getting overweight or sick.

Proper arrangements of the cage

To avoid any sort of discomfort, it is advisable to keep the floor and environment simple and comfy. Don’t use any kind of carpet on the floor which can cause digestive discomforts to the rabbit if swollen. Proper bedding is the most highlighted part that needs attention while maintenance. Maintain cleanliness by wiping of filth and wasted foodstuff from the rabbit home.

Selection of best suitable site for cage

After ensuring that the cage is free from any harm, the next step is to choose the optimum site for its placement. Make sure whatever site you are choosing for this purpose, it should be peaceful and clean. Rabbits get easily annoyed by noise and dust. The provision of sunlight into the cage is necessary. A rabbit home, made of wires and open from the upper side provides a sense of freedom to the rabbit. Choose the site that you visit regularly as it could be your spare bedroom. This will ensure the safety of your rabbit from predators or even from bad health. Keep other pets away from your rabbit to ensure their safe surroundings.

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