How to Speak with Your Dog? Using recordable talking button

If you have a dog as a pet, I am sure that on more than one occasion, you have spoken to it. You have likely said things like, “what do you want?” “Food?” “Shall we go for a walk?” and so on. And depending on his intelligence and your understanding, he will more or less understand you. But you must now know that some tricks or tips can improve your interaction significantly since the dog is a social animal that loves to learn and play.  In this article, we are going to guide you to discover how to speak with your dog effectively using technology. Because by the time you’re able to communicate with your dog, it will no longer bark around unnecessarily; thus, improving the relationship between you two.

How to use Voice Recorder buttons for dog ?

The idea of practicing how to speak with your dog by training it to become conversant with communicating through voice recorders is a challenge, no doubt, but only initially. The technique is learnable, and as such most dogs can master it after consistent practice. The key requirement on your part as a dog owner is consistency and patience. If you rush the process, you might only succeed in getting your dog to punch buttons without understanding the meaning behind any of them. Dogs who are rushed through the process are less likely to communicate with you independently afterward. Following these steps, you, too, can learn how to speak with your dog using technology.

Follow theses steps, to use voice recorder button to speak with your dog:

Step 1 – Teach your dog some words

After acquiring the voice recorder button for dog, get your dog ready to begin training. The easiest way to achieve this is to load buttons of the voice recorder with things that are relevant to your dog. A few examples of such things include food, play, walk, eat, etc. The essential thing is for you to begin with simple words that your dog understands already.

Step 2 – YOU need to press the voice recorder button before…

Once you’ve recorded relevant words on the voice recorder’s buttons, the device is ready for use. At this stage, you are to press the button, each time you or your dog need whatever thing is recorded on that button. For instance, whenever it is time for a walk, push the button on which you must have recorded something like “walk time.” The aim here is for you not to force your dog to punch buttons randomly. Your dog is meant to learn over time from observing you. As you push buttons before performing specific activities, your dog, too, will learn how to push the button whenever it needs what is associated with it.

Step 3 – DOG need to press the voice recorder button before…

After much practice, your dog will grasp the connection between the respective buttons of the voice board and their corresponding activity. Your dog will begin to imitate you by clicking those buttons on its own. When your dog does this accurately, be sure to commend it before going ahead to grant its request.

Step 4 – Add more voice recorder buttons

As your dog becomes conversant, with few buttons, you can then proceed to add more buttons corresponding to more activities. You can also include items like games and toys among the options on the voice board. This will help your dog to communicate more.

Building a soundboard for your recordable talking button

talking dogBuilding a soundboard to communicate effectively with your dog is very easy, here’s how to do it: fasten the buttons to a plank of wood using a Velcro. The Velcro ensures the buttons do not move when the dog plays with it and makes it easier to change the battery when necessary. You know how dogs can be, so remember to place the piece of wood under something, like an item of furniture, else, the dog will go everywhere with the soundboard.

Conclusion: talking to your dog is good for both of you

As you practice how to speak with your dog using voice recorder buttons, keep in mind that the same communication principle for human-to-human interaction applies to communication with pets, and that is giving accurate responses. With time, your dog will not only be able to respond to the recorded buttons frequently but might also attempt meaningful conversation with you, and it will no longer need to bark to get your attention.

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